Staff Ranking StructureEdit


Helps new people, small server tasks (earned through diligence)


Deals with player relations and affairs


Deals with technical issues with the server (plugins, website, events)


Helps with server builds and projects - has W/E

Chief of StaffEdit

In charge of keeping staff up to date and in line

Co-Owner (XO)Edit

Handles and eases the workload of the owner

Owner (CO)Edit

Ensures the server survives and improves

Staff DepartmentsEdit

Department of Public AffairsEdit

Handles how the outside world views Midgard.

  • Advertising
  • Website
  • Member retention
  • All propaganda for the server

Department of DevelopmentEdit

Handles new features and maintenance of the server.

  • Plugins
  • New builds
  • New features

Department of Internal AffairsEdit

Mediates and arbitrates issues/disputes between players on the server. Ensures players are happy and satisfied on the server.

Department of EntertainmentEdit

Handles all things fun INSIDE the server.

  • Hosting events (minigames)
  • Mob Missions
  • Scheduled instances

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